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Another Executive Order

I started to write an article regarding our government, how Congress has been made ineffective, and how many of our rights have been lost.

Then I read the Executive Order issued July 17, 2007. A simple translation of this Executive Order is as follows: Anyone who helps people that our government deems are disruptive to our way of life will have their assets seized. Anyone that disagrees with our governments handling of the Iraq war will have their assets seized. This means no one can protest any more. If someone has their assets seized, and you try to help that person - i.e. give them money to buy food, you will have your assets seized. If a lawyer tries to help a person that had their assets seized, the lawyer will have his (or her) assets seized as well.

When I say assets seized, I am talking about property, home, bank accounts, etc. There is no recourse to this seizure. This Executive Order clearly states so.

So, from now on, no one can criticize our government's handling of any situation. If I wrote what I intended, everything I own would now belong to the government. Because I know my children would try to help me, everything they own would also be seized, and if friends or relatives tried to help them, etc etc etc.

I would suggest anyone reading this go and read the original Executive Order and determine for themselves if I, and others, are correct in our interpretation.



Anyone interested in reading a more detailed translation can go to http://www.smirkingchimp.com/node/8916

Source: www.articlesphere.com