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Asset Protection Plays A Key Role In Sustaining Your Wealth

We can mutually agree making the first million is tougher than the second. Why?

Becoming a millionaire for the first time consists of a lot of twists and turns on the journey. In other words, the road to wealth is not a straight line and key systems must be in place if you plan to attain and sustain your wealth in the future.

Some millionaires and billionaires have strong systems in place because they understand the value of protecting their assets. If you want to protect your hard earned assets you had better get a asset protection program that will protect your wealth.

Without asset protection you will put your family and business at risk. Putting the ones you love and the people that work for you at risk is a poor strategy for long term success.

Case in point, record home foreclosures in the United States exposed a lot of real estate investors and many of them are losing millions of dollars because they failed to follow the golden rule. The golden rule for real estate investors is to make your profit when you purchase a property and acquire asset protection.

In other words, real estate investors must take a long term view of the properties they invest in and factor in asset protection as a part of the equation. There are three key issues you must consider if you plan on remaining in your financial status.

The three legal pitfalls you must avoid include:

1. Lawsuits

2. Taxes

3. Death Taxes

Conversely there are three essential areas you must include in your planning:

1. Asset protection

2. Estate Planning

3. Tax Reduction

So how does one go about protecting their assets? There is only one way to protect your assets, you must treat them like a business, only then can you accomplish your long term objective of protecting your assets.

You must stop thinking like an individual and start thinking like entities. What would a wealthy person do?

Instead of thinking like an individual and being a sole proprietorship, wealthy people structure their business as an entity. What do I mean by this?

Wealthy people who have asset protection structure themselves as limited partnerships and or limited liability companies. They do this in order to capitalize on the benefits derived from asset protection, estate planning, and tax reduction.

The KEY is implementation!

You need a asset security system that will protect your wealth, our system provides the following:

- Limited Liability Company with 6 CD Home Study Course with forms

- Limited Partnerships 6 CD Home Study Course with forms

- Corporations 6 CD Home Study Course with forms

- Trusts 6 CD Home Study Course with forms

- Retirement Plans 6 CD Home Study Course with forms


#1 Land Trusts Home Study Course on CD

#2 Corporate Maintenance Home Study Course on CD

#3 Nevada Corporations Home Study Course on CD

#4 Asset Security System Exercise on CD

#5 Secret Millionaire Business Forms on CD

People attending the Asset Security System live training will learn the following:

  • Guard your assets by properly transferring them into the appropriate entities

  • Operate your asset security system for maximum profit and protection

  • Structure your entities and assets through documentation dynamics

  • Implement what you have learned and actually put your plan into action

  • Implement corporate minutes and resolutions to gain added tax benefits

  • Never worry about your estate plan again by fully funding your Living Trust

  • Use your corporation as a management entity to split income and lower taxes

  • Properly hold and document your corporate, LLC and LP meetings

  • Never pay too much in taxes again by effectively structuring an overall plan

  • Organize and hold effective shareholder and director annual meetings

  • Watch your wealth grow tax-free through the use of a pension

  • and much, much more!!!

Contact the Wealth Building Academy today to purchase this outstanding Asset Security System. You can reach me or my staff at (866) 337-2026. If you want to protect your assets and sustain your wealth for generations to come, call us today!

Paul Lawrence Vann is Founder and CEO of the Wealth Building Academy. We helps people learn how to make more money, save more money and embrace success principles to help you learn to live a higher quality of life. His company conduct boot camps, training, life coaching, and develop information products. Paul is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Living on Higher Ground. Email me at paul@paullawrencevann.com, or visit my website at http://www.paullawrencevann.com

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