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Bar Code Tracking Software

All products are labeled with bar codes today. Even the smallest retail items, like chocolates or pencils, have a unique bar code to identify them accurately. Bar codes have specific symbology that is defined in the height and width of the bars as well as the spacing between them. Each of these bars might represent numeric data, alphanumeric data or character data, depending on the type of symbology being used by the user.

Each bar code has a start bar and an end bar to allow the scanner to read the data precisely. Some bar codes have another bar before the end bar, known as the checksum bar code. After the scanner calculates the sum, it is verified with the value of the checksum bar code for accuracy. This ensures exact calculation with minimal errors.

Bar codes help during data collection, inventory tracking, and other asset tracking. They keep accurate records of all the items scanned and so are a big help while taking care of the inventory.

Any company or manufacturer has fixed assets. These must be kept on record. All manufacturing equipment, tools, and various other assets come under the category of fixed assets. Earlier, keeping track of all these assets was done manually and workers had to put in long hours to have all the details on record.

With the advent of bar codes, even the tracking system has been made easy. All fixed assets can be bar-coded and kept track of using bar-code fixed-assets tracking software. In schools and colleges where students are provided with laptops, these are noted in the database as loaned. This also holds true for companies that provide employees with laptops and other work-related paraphernalia. Even the smallest items are tracked using bar codes. Fixed assets tracking software is a big help in such areas where a company needs to have an idea of where assets are located.

Company-related files, documents and important notes could also be considered fixed assets and noted in the database of their whereabouts. This is especially important in medical and legal fields.

Fixed assets tracking software is essential in all major companies, schools, offices, hospitals and other big places where one person keeping track of all the assets is an impossibility. Bar code tracking software can be of immense help in such areas, and would ease problems related to records.

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