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Cisco Routers - Send a Message to VTY Lines

This is another very useful command which allows you to send messages to other people connected to the same router.

To send messages to one or all terminal lines, use the send command in EXEC mode.

send {line-number - * - aux number - console number - tty number - vty number}

This command was introduced in 11.2

Here is an example that sends a message to all lines:

Router#send *

Enter message, end with CTRL/Z; abort with CTRL/C:

Test Message


Send message? [confirm]




*** Message from tty0 to all terminals:


Test Message

NOTE: When you want to send the message use the CTRL/Z key sequence.

Clisck on the link below to see a Visual demonstration of how to do this on live routers:

DEMO of SEND on live routers

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