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Pakistan-The Undefined Ground

US President Bush had made a statement before two months. He whispered about sending troops into Pakistan for catching Bin Laden. If done so, it would be an embarrassment for the people of South Asia in general and the state of Pakistan in particular.

It is beyond doubt that Pakistan supports the terror groups and helps their training camps to function on its territory.

After receiving help of every kind from western nations for decades, what kind of output Pakistan is giving back to them? The answer is simple: the teams of trained terrorists. India, the largest democracy in world, has been first victim of these terrorist groups. In past, India had provided proofs of such terror camps, too. But until 9/11 the western nations remained uninterested.

There are reports that Pakistani officials have largely turned a blind eye to Taliban commanders, helping them to seep back across the border. The president of Afghanistan too is apprehensive about intentions and activities of his neighbor.

But in the present days, the month of January 2007, it seems Pakistan has taken some positive steps helping the war on terror. Apart from everything, we must know that the job was never an easy one. It would not be easy for Pakistan to keep all the sections of population of 165 millions peaceful. It would be more difficult for the present rulers, especially when the foreign boots would be stamping on their land. There is a strong possibility of Pakistan falling into the hands of hard-liners. So such a situation is not desirable for the world-peace.

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