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Telecom Audits

Maintaining a telecommunications network involves huge expenses and you cannot rule out the incidence of intended or inadvertent lapses, which may slash your profits or run you into a loss. A Telecom Audit by an expert agency is essential in your own interest to run your business successfully.

You just need to search the net to get the services of outside agencies. Since you would be paying them and also placing vital records at their disposal, it would be important to ask them questions regarding the maintenance of security and privacy for your business. You can also ask them for references to cross-check the qualifications of their team of auditors and their claims of efficient performance.

Hiring such an agency saves you from maintaining your own in-house team of auditors whose salaries and other overheads may cost you heavily in terms of money and extra administrative responsibility. A plus point in hiring outside auditing agencies is that some of them do not require any upfront payment or retainer ship fees. You have only to engage them and, to start with, provide them some basic documents and records, especially the two copies of your recent invoices from each carrier and copies of contracts and a letter of authority to contact phone companies to discuss your telecom bills.

These auditing agencies help you locate the loopholes in your telecom infrastructure and network. They can plug the loopholes in your network, which may be draining away your hard-earned profits, by checking for fraud and misuse of your telecom network. These telecom-auditing companies can find out the flaws with your telephone bills, confront the vending companies with the facts and force them either to reimburse the excessive payment to you or credit the refund to your account.

This, however, does not mean that your job is done with the provision of the elementary documents. You will of course be required to contact them and cooperate with them by providing necessary information whenever they require it. The best part of the bargain in hiring such agencies is that they will charge you only if you benefit from their auditing performance. If you do not make any profits they do not receive any payment from you.

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