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Telecom Billing

The old types of post-paid telephone bills, printed in fixed formats and delivered through postal services, are fast yielding way to prepaid billing and online payment options. With advancements taking place in various modes of telecommunication and the voice, data or wireless technologies coming with new features, telecom service providers have to keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies and thereby coordinate the printing, designing, formatting and the delivery of the bills.

The telecom services vendors are providing new Telecom Billing solutions to their customers, with easy-to-understand formats and deliveries in tune with the type of service. Non-usage charges like equipment, line charges and one-time fees can also be allocated through the use of billing. Various types of billing software are available in the market, and you can use them to collect data from different telecom sources for centralized presentation. This data may include call details from various telephone systems, wireless carriers and calling card vendors. Efforts are made to minimize waste by identifying abuse and misuse of the services.

There are wizards available to produce thousands of wholesale or retail bills in a matter of minutes. These wizards can also configure the bill cycles for each customer and create the bills automatically whenever required, and further customize them to suit the needs of the company.

The bills are prepared and delivered in form of PDF documents that are suitable for envelopes also. They can include many other customer-friendly features and include the details of previous balances, credits, discounts and taxes. They can further contain memo boxes and customized notices for customer invoices.

Your customers can also receive their telecom bills online through e-mails, or they can download them in print versions. All these online procedures mean great savings in time and money, which obviously add to your savings and increase the profits and productivity month after month.

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