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Enterprise Telecom Expense Management Continues to be a Hot Topic

Due to the overwhelming response to the June 2006 3rd Annual Summit on Enterprise Telecom Expense Management, an additional half day event will be held on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at the Marriott East Side Hotel in New York City. Today's telecom expense management systems provide a variety of benefits to corporations looking for ways to trim their telecom related expenses. Call accounting software can automate processes and provides robust security safeguards. The North East Regional Telecom Expense Management Breakfast Summit will acquaint attendees with the advantages of deploying a telecom expense management solution.

Organizations can take a proactive role in reducing telecom related expenses by deploying a call accounting software solution. Telecom expense management software can pay for itself through tracking suspicious call activity from every department and every station to alert administrators to fraudulent calling patterns. By providing real-time call detail records call accounting software puts administrators in control of their networks. A full featured call accounting system allows enterprises to take control of PBX billing, VoIP call accounting, trunk usage and analysis, and carrier billing error identification.

Corporations, universities, and government agencies can take control of their telecom expenditures by deploying a full featured telecom expense management system. The initial cost of purchasing and implementing a telecom expense management system can be offset by the immediate value that accurate call detail records provide. Gartner states that corporations can save at least 10% of their total telecom expenditures if they can identify carrier telecom billing errors. Call accounting software can help free administrators from tedious manual review of carrier bills so companies can find the majority of costly errors, and use administrators' time for other critical tasks.

Author, Lisa Santora, writes articles on the business benefits of call accounting and call detail record technology. More information can be found at http://www.telsoft-solutions.com

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