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Telecom Billing Errors Drive Need for Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Manually auditing reams of telecom bills from a variety of sources is time intensive and often proves ineffective. To identify costly telecom billing errors enterprises are investing in telecom expense management systems that automate these tasks. Gartner estimates that 19 - 20 percent of telecom charges are in error, making telecom billing management a priority for large and small enterprises. Charges for disconnected lines and unused services routinely appear in telecom billing invoices. By installing an automated call accounting software system, companies can identify every billing error so that it can be resolved.

To ensure accurate call data reconciliation, telecom expense management software allows enterprises to track all of their wired and wireless phone activity to determine where errors are occurring. A good telecom expense management system handles high volumes of call activity (many millions) and an unlimited number of stations and corporate users, to capture all call data records, so companies can reconcile charges with invoices from telecom carriers.

It is important to look for a call accounting system that can process calls and generate reports in seconds compared to hours on systems using conventional database technology, so that corporations with any number of sites can take control of their telecom expense management. A system that allows companies to build their own custom reports can help auditors examine call record data graphically in 2D or 3D, and automatically schedule and process reports via printing, emailing, saving them on a network, or posting them to a website.

With the sheer number and complexity of telecom carrier bills an investment in a call accounting system can deliver ROI by freeing up phone bill auditors' time and identifying costly billing errors. By employing a full featured telecom expense management system enterprises can also protect sensitive corporate and customer data. The advanced security features built into today's call accounting software systems can help thwart attempts to compromise the phone system, and provide safeguards to help enterprises comply with strict compliance regulations.

Author, Lisa Santora, writes articles on the business benefits of call accounting and call detail record technology. More information can be found at http://www.telsoft-solutions.com.

Source: www.articletrader.com