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Outdoor Showers - A Unique Landscape Feature

Include Outdoor Showers In The Landscape Design

Outdoor showers are a unique addition to your backyard. They are not often thought about during the landscape installation. Most outdoor showers are an afterthought to landscape projects.

Don't fall into this trap. If you can remember to incorporate an outdoor shower in your original landscape design it will be less costly and you can achieve a superior result.

Where Should I Put My Outdoor Shower?

We suggest putting the outdoor shower next to your home so it is convenient to use. You may not want to go trudging through the grass at night for that summer shower. In most cases, a wall mount shower does the trick. You simply mount a shower head to the outside of your home. In addition, the wall is a great start to building the enclosure. Finally, you will need to install drainage and flooring.


The enclosure should be open and airy. If you create a tight enclosure, it's not much different than showering in the house. If you want a tight enclosure, many people like clear glass blocks. Others prefer a completely open shower; which is best if you are going to shower in your swimming suit. Showering on hot summer nights is a favorite for many people. For this reason, we recommend putting the shower in a spot so that you get a good view of stars overhead. The most cost effective enclosures are built like a fence or deck. The most difficult part of this type of enclosure is setting the posts.

For further information on setting posts, please visit outdoor showers

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